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Do glasses make you look less attractive ?

One of my friend always wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Why? Do glasses make you look less attractive ?
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  • crazyfirekiller


    Some people have this kind of thoughts, especially girls. Yet for men, they might probably don't look in this way. Glasses could be a kind of accessories, making woman more elegant. Wearing glasses or contact lenses? They both have some merits. It depends on yourself which to choose. For me, wearing glasses is convenient. Wearing contact lenses could provide me with better and clearer vision without any indentation problem to worry about. It is all your own preference. Now there are many many styles and colors of glasses. A lot of stars also choose some beautiful glasses to match with their clothes and makeup. So I think by choosing the correct glasses to wear, you could make yourself more stunning than ever!
  • Celina


    If your friend just wears the contact lenses to take place of the eyeglasses, she is just for the looks. However, not all people wearing the eyeglasses are attractive. But wearing the contact lenses will make eyes look big and shining. This is depended on the face shape of different people. Some people are suitable to wear the eyeglasses which may let them look more attractive.
  • JAY


    No, some people are more attractive with glasses. I love glasses! Many people will need glasses to correct their vision during the course of a lifetime. There is no reason to worry that you will be seen as a geek. Glasses can boost your appearance and act as a fashion accessory.

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