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Gabriel leonard


Is pink eye contagious in the pool?

I heard that pink eyes is contagious. So, i want to know if it is possible to get pink eyes from a pool? Do you have any idea?
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  • george


    Yes, it is possible for you to get pink eyes from a pool because it is contagious. It is usually contagious through the shared use of something. The water in the pool is regarded as the medium which can be contagious. Thus, you should better wear the swimming goggles when you swim in the pool. This step is so vital. You need to pay attention to this side.
  • Christopher


    Pink eye is contagious in the pool. Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a highly contagious eye disease. They can be spread through touching. In addition, if you use the towel or other articles of everyday use of a pink eye patient, you will get pink eye. Actually, people with pink eye should be isolated to prevent contagion. But some of them still go to the pool as usual, which poses great danger to the normal people in the same pool. It is appalling that swimming pool is the haven for bacteria and virus and that one can get harmful germs from other people. So getting pink eye from pool water is possible.
  • cnpriest


    Yes, it is possible to get pink eyes from a pool. In some cases, people get pink eyes after swimming in the pool, which is in fact caused acute conjunctivitis by bacteria or viruses. If a patient withe conjunctivitis goes to swim in the pool, he can not only infected others in the pool with conjunctivitia, but also lead to repeated infection. This is because that there are large amounts of bacteria or viruses in the eye secretion of the patient with conjunctivitis, and everything the patient touches will be infected with these causative agents. Then if a normal person touches these things, he or she will get infected, too, and the eyes will soon get red. Therefore, patients with pink eyes should not be allowed to enter into those public places sucn as the swimming pool, and the normal swimmers in the pool had better wear swimming goggles to prevent from infections. On the other hand, do not share your washbasin or towels with other people in case of getting infected. All the things that the patients have touched should be scalded to cut off the routes og transmission. If you get infected with pink eyes by accident, you should go to the doctor's for treatment, and do not rub your eyes with hands in case that the bacteria get into the eyeballs to aggravate the infection.

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