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Can side bangs give you a lazy eye?

Is it possible to get a lazy eyes from side bangs? How can side bangs affect our eyes?
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  • Lainey


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get the lazy eyes from side bangs because of strong knock. It may cause the damage of your eyes nerves to make them become weak. You should treat it as soon as possible. The lazy eye will be a serious eye problem which will affect a lot in your daily life. You should protect the eyes carefully.
  • harris


    Nowadays, a lot of fashion hair make bangs stay too long or even hide half an eye. This is a very bad thing for vision. Hair curtains to cover one eye, just like wearing a blindfold, which restricts the sun and the senses access to the eye. A direct consequence of side bangs is getting lazy eyes, if hair is too long to cover the eyes, it may also suffer from myopia. Experts suggested that the bangs cannot cover the eyebrows, and the width should be outside the orbital, and you had better not to imitate the image in the animation covering one eye just for cool.
  • chicomm


    Well, in my opinion, side bangs cannot lead to lazy eyes, but black eye. As we know that lazy eye means that one eye has not developed normally. And at that time, blurred vision can be possible. But side bangs cannot cause it, while black eyes will occur. According to some researches, black eye is often caused by the injury to the eyes, face or the head. And when your eyes suffer side bangs, the blood and other fluids will collect in the space around the eye. And at that time, a black eye will occur. For the treatments, you can try using ice to reduce the swelling caused by a black eye. And it will be fine.

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