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Bob Witek


Is it ok if sugar gets into my eyes ?

A little sugar got into my eyes. Is it OK? Will it hurt my eyes if i don't adopt any measure to clean my eyes?
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  • cecil


    It doesn't matter if you get some little sugar into your eyes. After all, it is eatable stuff not some chemicals, it should not be very very irritative to your eyes. You might have a very strong foreign body sensation in your eyes. Just use some running water to rinse your eyes completely. It should be ok within a few minutes. It should not be a big problem that you didn't adopt any method to clean your eyes, because once the sugar got into your eyes, a lot of tears will running out. It is a automatic and instinct reaction to the sugar in your eyes. Tears could help wash eye and kill 90-95% bacteria in your eyes. So don't worry too much about it. Yet if you got uncomfortable feelings all the time, eyes became red and gritty, and you have a high temperature without any other causes, I suggest you to go to hospital at once.
  • Karin


    It is not ok. If you don't adopt any measure to clean the eyes, it may hurt your eyes to some degree. The eyes corneal may absorb the sugar and cause the infection. Your eyes may get red. You'd better wash it out with the clean water. Then you could use some eye drops to release the eyes.
  • Jaime


    Well, generally speaking, it would be fine when the sugar get into the eyes, for sugar can not lead to some hurt to your eyes. For your situation, when the sugar gets into your eyes, you should just wash your eyes with the pure water. In that way, it will just let the sugar flow out of the eyes. And then it can be fine. If you feel some discomfort in your eyes, you can drop some eye drops in your eyes. After some days, it can be better. So do not worry about it.