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Does anyone know easy tips for putting in contacts for the first time?

I am just getting contacts and am kind of nervous. Everyone says that the first time you put them in it takes a long time. Any tips for putting them in? Also, does it feel weird to have a contact in your eye because having an eyelash in your eye is really uncomfortable and an eyelash is really small...
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  • 04/14/2012

    for first users ,it is always difficult to put the contacts in and get used to them .but take it easy , everyone who wears contacts have endured the process . Follow these tips and you will success 。Balance the clean lens on your right index finger. All edges must be up. Use your left hand to hold your upper lid open. Reach from overhead; gently hold your upper lid and lashes against your brow. If you don't have a strong tendency to blink you may not need to hold your upper lashes out of the way. Use your right middle finger to gently hold your lower lid out of the way. Move your chin down towards your chest, and continue to look in the mirror (so your eye is looking upward towards the mirror). You should now have an upward glance. Notice all the white of the eye that is exposed when this position is held correctly. Gently place the lens between the lids and on the eye. The lens can be placed anywhere on the eye at this point. Don't force the lens on. Keep your eyes open and stay relaxed. The lens must clear all your lids and lashes, so when it reaches the eye, it is still properly balanced on your finger. Once on the eye, gently slide the contact towards the cornea (over the colored area of your eye) Don't close your eyes yet! Your almost there. Slowly take your finger straight back, keeping your eyes open. Gently let go of your lids, look downward towards the floor. Slowly close your eyes. Open your eyes and see clearly
  • Faith cook


    When i first time wearing contact lenses, i feel weird in my eyes like some foreign bodies into my eyes. So you need take times to adapt it. And the first wearing contact lenses shall not over 2 hours, and the next time 4 hours, and so on. I believe you can adapt it a few days latter. Again, if you want to make up, you shall first wear contact lenses, then use eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow etc.