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What contact brand has the most natural looking colored contacts?

I have wanted to get colored contacts for a very long time. But all i have heard of is fresh look and i have done demos of them but they do not look natural looking one bit. I want A brand that will look like my eyes are really that color. My eyes are light blue and i want brown colored contacts and maybe green ones.
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  • 04/13/2012

    I don't have much experience in colored contacts . Maybe you can have a look at this . There are a wide selection of colors for you to choose and most of them are quite cheap . Hope these can help you .
  • Alexia gerard


    It is said that the brand of Johnson have much more colored contact lenses. Whatever on the comfortable wearing feeling and the water content, they are the excellent ones. You could search such brand of colored contact lenses online. It is worthy to own one if you want to beautify you.

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