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How much is a box of contact lenses?

How much is a box of contact lenses? how many boxes do i need to buy? how long do they last?
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  • 04/13/2012

    first ,you should know what types of contacts you need ,daily diposable , weekly ,monthly or yearly .generally speaking ,daily disposable contacts are more pensive than other cuz they are easy to use and much cleaner . Then it should depend on the frequency of your using contacts . everyday or else ? seek for the advise of your doctor which type suits you best
  • Zoe


    The average price of a box of contact lenses is about $ 45. However, if you want to buy the goo d brand like the baushe&lomb, you'd better prepare more money.The contact lenses are divided into several types: daily disposable contact lenses, monthly used contact lenses, half a year and yearly contact lenses. You could base on your needs to choose.