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Is it normal to see black spots after getting hit in the eye?

I just hit my eyes on a wall. I feel i can see some black spots in front of me. Is it normal? Or what cause it?
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  • Shannon


    So sorry to hear that. As a matter of fact, it is quite normal for you to see black spots in front of your eyes after being hit in the eye. Anyway, the force of the punch could have some impacts on your visual nerves which give rise to black spots in front of your eyes. But generally speaking, the spots are not continuous, and they would go away if your eyes receive some medical care. But if the situation remains bad, you should consult a doctor.
  • Liz Spartzan


    Floaters can indeed be caused by a hit in the eye. Floaters are usually caused by tiny clumps of tissue floating in the eye which could have been caused when you got hit. I found the information at You should make sure you don't have a retinal tear.
  • crystaljade


    Well, it is normal to have this kind of symptom. Also, you should know that in some degree, it is a sign of black eye. Of course, it all depends if your eyes are hit and how hard the slap was. But from your description, the hit has caused the black eyes. As we know that, when your eyes are hit, it will make the blood around your eyes flow not so smoothly. And then it will turn black spots in your eyes. In other words, a black eye is the result of bleeding underneath the skin around your eye. For your situation, you can try some ways to relieve the symptom. You can put on ice on your eyes so that it can cool them. And remember that you should do this for several times. And, you need to be very careful when icing your black eye. The area around your eye is very, very sensitive, and it's already been infected by some other irritants. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • walkingalone_


    At first, don't worry, the situation is not as serious as you imagine. As a matter of fact, this symptom is quite normal for the most of people who hit eyes by accident. These black spots you see stem from the extrusion on your retina. When you get a precipitate hit on your eyes, which might put a pressure on your retina and even a kind of sign of neurothlipsis on your brain. Therefore, it's not a big deal to get a blurry vision or see some black spots. However, if the symptom still exists and there is no improvement of it, you'd better go to have your retina checked by a doctor so that the doctor can detect the problem as early as possible and treat it in time.
  • cook


    Regarding to your situation, it is normal to see black spots after getting hit in the eye. Black spots are generally harmless and pose no threat to your health. When your eyes was hit, your brains will be affected as well. Black spot are minimal, short-lived episodes require no treatment. However, if you experience pain, vision loss, or flashes or light along with the aura, seek medical attention immediately. Hope this helpful.
  • FY


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