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Stain on Glasses

I've had this stain on my glasses for a while now. It rarely gets in the way of my vision, except maybe on very sunny days in the car, but even then it's very minor. However it is very noticeable under any light and I hate getting the "Your glasses are dirty. You should clean them." remark. Is there any way to fix this? I have no clue where it originated from.

Note: The lens with the stain can be popped off from the frame. So I can take it out and try to clean it without damaging the frame FYI. Thanks :)

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  • Megan W


    Well, generally speaking, it is actually very annoying to have a pair of dirty glasses. And properly maintaining and cleaning the plastic lenses of glasses will make just them look better and last longer. To clean the stain on the glasses, you should know that they should not be cleaned with napkins, toilet tissue or paper towels, for it is easy for these objects to scratch the delicate plastic. And you can warm your soft cloth, and then, you can clean your glasses with this warm cloth, and some mild soap is available to help you clean your glasses.
  • Victor


    Use commercially available lens cleaning solution. This is the best option to remove stain from glasses, and can be bought from any eye glasses store or at the optometrist%u2019s office. The ingredients of the eye glass cleaner are a carefully guarded industry secret, but it is said to contain solutions that have anti-fogging, dust repellant, protective coating and anti-static properties. Not only is the solution designed to be mild enough not to affect the coatings on the lenses, but it is also designed to protect the eye glasses from any future harm. The actual cleaning process is as simple as spraying the cleaner on the lenses and wiping them with a soft micro-fiber cloth. If the commercial cleaner is unavailable, the next best way is to use regular hand soap. Make a solution of the soap by adding a few drops to a glass of water. This soap solution is mild enough to preserve any coating that may be on the lenses and still clean stain.