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What should you do if you get the decontamination powder in your eyes?

I got a bit of decontamination powder in my eyes when i makeup. Now my eyes feel really uncomfortable. What shall i do?
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  • Sally


    Well, for your situation, you do not need to worry about it. And generally speaking, getting a little of this kind of powder into your eyes can not be a big deal. And first, you just need to wash your eyes with pure water as soon as possible. And then repeat it for several times, till the powder has got out of your eyes. And then, you can have some ice under your eyes, so that it will avoid some irritants occurring in your eyes. After that having some eye drops can be perfect. Anyway, just have a try.
  • Susie Washington


    Don't worry. Normally, your eyes won't be hurt by it. The moment it gets in your eyes, you need to flush it out of your eyes. Everything will be OK, as long as the powder is out of your eyes. After a while, the discomfort will be gone. It's OK, nothing to worry about.
  • walentynka


    If you get some decontamination powder in your eyes, you should first stay calm and do not be panic. Then you should rinse your eyes with water. Tap water is ok. You can also apply some eye drops in your eyes to flush the decontamination powder out. After doing this, you will feel better. If you still have discomfort in your eyes in the following days, such as redness or itchiness. You should consult your doctor to have your eyes examined and get treatment. It is also advisable to get to an eye wash station to rinse your eyes, and call the poison control center for help.

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