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How to stop yourself from blinking when putting in contacts?

Every time when i wear contact lenses, my eyes keep blink and i can’t control it. Do you have any idea that can help me deal with problem?
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  • Desiree


    First of all, can you answer the following questions? 1.Do you feel eye redness, itchiness or sting? 2.Do you have much mucus on your eyes when you wake up? Or do you have sticky or goopy eyes when you waky up? If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you may be suffering from dry eyes. In this case, you need artificial teardrops and hot compresses. If you just blink excessively, it is likely that you haven't been used to the foreign feeling of getting contact lenses in your eyes. This feeling disappear as long as you get used to them.
  • Marc


    While no any certain ways were found to do so. Keep your eyes open. I also have the same experienxe as you suffered. I summarize some ways to reduce tearing when I wear contact lenses. First, wash hands up everyday before I touch my conatct lenses. Second, store them in good quality storage syrup to avoid being invalid. Third, keep a good rest at night. Fatigue or tirdness also lead to tear when you wear them. Warm tips: when you get fever and during mestruation, no any conatct lenses in eyes, my doctor told me.
  • Dylan


    You should stay calm, for this is a normal response and can happen to everyone. If your way of putting in contact lenses is correct, you will not blink. So you need to check if your way is correct. The first thing before you wear contact lenses is always cleansing hands and fingers. Your fingers should be dry while putting in contact lenses. Use the middle finger to pull down the bottom eyelid and the index finger of the same hand to stretch the upper lid. You should hold your lids as firmly as possible to prevent blinking. Besides, your eyes should be held open as wide as possible. Then you can put the contact lenses in.
  • Rebecca


    It seems that you have sensitive eyes. So what you need to do it wash your hand and keep your hands clean and touch your eyes regularly. then work on putting the contacts in.
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