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What causes thinning eyelashes?

I have thin eyelashes, And it seems my eyelashes become thinner as the time goes by. What causes it?
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  • Zachary eddy


    There are many possible causes of thinner eyelashes: 1.Aging. As people grow old, their hair fall off naturally. 2.Allergy. If you suddenly lose a lot of eyelashes, you may be allergic to shampoo, facial cream or other cosmetics. 3.If you also feel itchiness redness, or pain on your eyelids, you may be suffering from blepharitis. 4.You eyelashes may have been irritated by rubbing or curving.
  • elizabeth_starz


    There are still no any natural ways that can control the growth of eyelashes indeed. Scientists guessed that genetics plays a large role. Your also get pale and thin eyelashes if you're born with light-colored or fine hair. Also, everyone's eyelashes thin as we age. It is normal for lash loss because of aging, and it is not typically an indication of illness.
  • Caroline


    Some people have congenital thin eyelashes. There are several ways to make thin eyelashes start growing thick. First of all, you can use olive oil to spread on the eyelashes just like you do with eyelash cream. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and nutritions that are good for the growth of eyelashes. Spread the olive oil at the root of the eyelashes and the effect is very soon obvious. Or you can also directly use capsules of vitamin E. Juice of barbados aloe is good for the eyelashes, too. In addition, there can be some reason for that your eyelashes become thinner as time goes by. First of all, your eyelashes lack nutrition and vitamins. Therefore, you should eat more vegetables and fruits as well as those rich in vitamin E. Also use things mentioned above to spread on the eyelashes. Besides, pay attention to your daily eye hygiene, and do not use your hands to wipe your eyes which could wipe out your eyelashes.

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