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What to do if you get freon in your eyes ?

I get freon in my eyes. Is it bad for my eyes? If so, what shall i do now?
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  • castlemedic


    If you get Freon in contact with your eyes, you may suffer from redness, tearing irritation of eyes or burning eyes, and blurry vision. If the situation is worse, you may have symptoms like intense pain or even loss of vision. After your eyes are exposed, see if they are freezed by freon or not. If not, flush your eyes immediately with clean water for at least 15 minute. If you eyes are freezed, do to emergency room in no time.
  • Marc


    Freon can be found in many old refrigerators and A/C units. It is a chemical. Take it easy if some freon in your eyes by accident. First, do not rub eyes with hands or something else. Second, flush them out with cold water and dry eyes with clean washcloth. Third, drop some basic eye drops to alleviate irritation and pain in eyes. At last, take a good rest and stay fit. You can talk with a doctor if your condition still does not relieve.
  • Jordan smith


    Yes, it is bad for your eyes to get freon which will stimulate your eyes nerves and eye balls. You will feel itchy at the eyes. You should wash the eyes as soon as possible to make the freon get out. After washing, you could just use the clean cloth to dry the eyes. In addition, you could do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable. You could have a try at the above ways.
  • Casey Moore


    Prevention is key
  • Casey Moore


    Freon doesn't show up in drug test