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Christian george


How long does it take for sore eyes to heal?

I got sore eyes. It is painful. How long does it take for my sore eyes to recover?
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  • caffienefeen


    Usually the common term used for sore eyes is conjunctivitis or pink eye. It is the inflammation of the conjuctiva which is a thin covering over our eyeballs. Conjunctiva inflammation is usually caused by bacterial, viral and allergy infection. In most cases, sore eye is resulted from viral infection. This kind of sore eye is very contagious. It spreads so easily that just by eye contact with the sore eye patient which saying scarred me a lot when I was a little kid. If you are suffering from sore eye, there are some other symptoms too. You may feel eyes burning, gritty, red, pain, sensitive to light, difficult to open eyes after sleeping, and etc. Usually sore eye will last for 14 days. I suggest you to go to see an oculist. He might prescript some eye drops or other medicines. Stay at home and take good rest. Hope you could get well soon.
  • Sharon Field


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that the signs and symptoms of sore eyes will peak in 3 to 4 days, and it will be relieved and recover in about 10 to 14 days. A sore eye can be caused by anything, such as a blow to the face, even something you do not care about. But you can not judge them by yourself. Sore eyes are a very widespread and common eye infection that affects many people. It can be contagious. And if your eyes are infected with sore eyes, the blood vessels in the eyes will darken. Also, your eyes feel itchy, dry and sore, painful and discomfort. And you can use a clean and warm compress on the eyes for 2-3 minutes for a long time. Also, an eye pack made from chilled cucumber slices may be very beneficial. Just have a try to treat your situation.
  • everybody_cares


    Looks like there is something wrong with your eyes, as a matter of fact, there are a lot of reasons for a pair of sour eyes. But generally speaking, it would take you about one week before you can fully recover from the sour eyes, which could give you some uncomfortable feelings. In the meantime, you should find out the causes for them, and take some measures to tackle it. Also, try to get some eye drops and get enough sleep.
  • John eddy


    Everyone gets them from time to time, tired, sore eyes. It is will gone until you have a sound rest. But what can you do to make your eyes feel better when immediate sleep is not an option, you can try natural tears that you can purchase over the counter at a drugstore. These products will take out redness and stop itchiness.Try some green tea (on your peepers). Apply warm tea bags to your eyes to help relieve irritation.