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Does tea bag help really sore eyes?

I heard tea bag is good for eyes that can help eyes in many condition. So, i wonder if tea bag helps sore eyes?
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  • Bridget C


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes, which made you resort to tea bags as a means of treatment. Yes of course, tea bags have proved to be very effective in treating a lot of problems such as dark circles, sour eyes, eye strain as well as painful eyes. Of course it could relieve sour eyes because there are some nutritions which could make the blood circulation faster. Maybe the vaporation of hot tea could also help your eyes.
  • everetthol


    Well, yes, tea bag can be good for sore eyes. If your eyes are infected with sore eyes, the blood vessels in the eyes will darken. Also, your eyes feel itchy, dry and sore, painful and discomfort. So you can just use a cool tea bag and put it on your eyes. For a few times, it can relieve your symptom for the tea bag contains many different objects which do a good job to many eye diseases including sore eyes. To treat sore eyes, you can also put cotton balls dipped in rose water over the eyes for a few minutes which is very effective in reducing inflammation as well as discomfort. Anyway, just have a try.
  • Andrea


    The tea bag will make the sore eyes get relieved because of the inner special material. In addition, many people use the tea bags to reduce the symptom of black circles under the eyes by putting them on the eyes. It could also be useful. You could have a try on this effective and safe way.
  • carol sheedy


    does cold tea bags help sore eye

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