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Arianna walker


Does keratitis cause photophobia?

Is it possible for people with keratitis further to develop to become photophobia? Can anyone explain it for me?
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  • Michael?anderson


    Well, yes, keratitis can lead to photophobia. As we know that keratitis is the general term for anything which causes the surface of the cornea to breakdown. And generally speaking, eye allergies can lead to it. At that moment, dryness, infection and congenital defects of the cornea may occur too. On the other hand, for photophobia, many different diseases, disorders, problems and conditions can be the causes. For example, an infection or inflammation that irritates the eyes can cause photophobia. So when you get keratitis, it is possible to have photophobia.
  • Kristy


    Yes, it is possible for people with keratitis further develop to photophobia. Photophobia is a symptom of disability of tolerance to visual perception of light. It is a medical symptom. Besides as a morbid fear or phobia, photophobia is an experience of discomfort or pain to the eyes due to light exposure. It is a presence of actual physical photosensitivity of the eyes. It is not suitable to meet with the lights which will make eyes feel uncomfortable and pain. There are many reasons to cause the photophobia. When there is too much light entering the eye which is damaged, such as with corneal abrasion and retinal damage, the pupil is unable to constrict normally. Such the eyes will be damaged at the oculomotor nerve. If you have the keratitis which is not cured, your eyes will be feared when meeting with the strong lights outside which will hurt your eye nerves. In addition, the overstimulation of the photoreceptors in the retina may cause the photophobia too. The excessive electric impulses to the optic nerve in the eyes and excessive response in the central nervous system both can cause the photophobia. Thus, you'd better let your eyes work in order and keep healthy.
  • duncan


    Yes, it is possible to get photophobia because of keratitis. Photophobia means people become sensitive to light, various source of light, sunlight, fluorescent light and incandescent light. Exposure to light makes them squint or close eyes, with headache and nausea symptoms associated. Keratitis is surely one of the many eye conditions which would develop photophobia. When you have keratitis, it is involved with the inflammation of cornea. Without proper treatment, permanent damages will formed to cornea, which would cause light sensitive, in another word, photophobia. Actually it is very easy to prevent keratitis. If it does not happen because of any trauma or injury to eyes by accident, pay attention the sanity of eyes could help prevent it. Many people wear contact lenses and get keratitis. They said they didn't know why, but actually they should have known. Did you wash your hands completely before touching your contact lenses? Did you washing your contact lenses carefully with care solution every time before and after wearing them? All of these are very small issues, but if you ignore them, you will increase the risk of getting infection of your eyes. Take good care of your eyes please.

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