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John Hendry


Can corneal ulcer heal on its own?

I guess i got corneal ulcer. Should i see a doctor? Can corneal ulcer heal on its own?
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  • handygrl_90


    Generally speaking, corneal ulcer can not be healed by itself and you must take some measures. Firstly, you must go to an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Secondly, you must use some eye drops to prevent infection and promote healing, because the infection can spread quickly. Finally, if you wear contact lenses, you should quit it till your eyes recover.
  • Adam peters


    Well, maybe eye ulcers can heal by its own. But on the other hand, I will suggest you try some ways to treat it, for eye ulcers can be very dangerous. In some cases, it may lead to blindness. Generally speaking, if the clear coating and cornea has been rubbed or irritated, a small tear or cut may occur in your eyes. That can lead to eye ulcers. You should remember that it can make your eyes infected easily, suffering the risk of vision loss. At first, you can use a cold compress and Ibuprofen to prevent eye pain. Or just go and see the eye doctor.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    You'd better go to see the doctor and have the medical treatment or other ways to treat the corneal ulcer which will not be healed on its own. It is the corneal abrasion that can be healed on its own because of the inner corneal excretion in the eyes. The cornea is in front layer of transparent film in the eyeball which is often exposed to the air. The contact germs opportunity is often caused by A foreign trauma of corneal foreign bodies. After eliminating the damage, sand hole and its complications in tip cilia stabbed corneal, there will be the bacteria, fungi and viruses or flight enter into which may cause infection and produce corneal ulcer. In addition, there are many other reasons that can cause the corneal ulcer, such as tuberculosis, vitamin A lack, facial paralysis and eyelid scar that all can cause corneal ulcer. You should go to the hospital to accept the treatment to avoid the further damage on the eyes.