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Andrew bell


Does anyone know who invented the reading glasses?

Reading glasses is amazing that can help older people. But is there anyone who can tell me who invented the reading glasses?
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  • Kelly


    Well, as a matter of fact, I quite appreciate your curiosity . Anyway, as far as I know, the process of making glasses is long and could not be precisely tracked. However, it is commonly believed that it is an Italian inventor who invented the first pair of reading glasses in the 12th century. I mean, it is just a continuous process. And a lot of people involved in this cause. But the Italian was given the honor this time.
  • Arianna walker


    Well, generally speaking, in early years, it has been proved that convex lenses could correct the farsightedness which commonly develops as a symptom of aging. And you should know that the American scientist Benjamin Franklin, who suffered from both myopia and presbyopia, first invented reading glasses in 1784. Because of his invention, people will not have to regularly switch between two pairs of glasses. And this can be very beneficial for many old people. By the way, the first lenses for correcting astigmatism, which is called reading glasses, were constructed by the British astronomer George Airy in 1827.
  • walfor


    It is so bad that I checked many material for glasses, yet it seems that no one knows who invented glasses. Yet according to the known history, glasses were invented in northern Italy, in the late 1280s probably. The original inventor's identity is still a secret up to now. According to a medicine professior named Franciscus Redi, he had a paper wrote in 1289, in which the author said without the invention of glasses, he would be unable to read or write. Benjamin Franklin, the American scientist, first invented bifocals in 1784, for himself is suffering from both myopia and presbyopia. George Airy, the British astronomer, in 1827, invented the first lens for correcting astigmatism. In 1727, the morden glasses forms, held by temples passing through ears, was developed by a British optician, named Edward Scarlett.