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Is crying good for pink eye?

I heard somebody said that crying now and then is good for eyes. So, is it good if i crying when i get pink eyes?
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  • Jose joyce


    Crying is good for eyes. Because tears could kill 90-95% of bacteria in eyes. It could cleanse the eyes that you will feel relieved after crying. There are three types of pink eye, bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis and allergic conjunctivitis. As to bacteria and virus caused conjunctivitis, tears could kill the bacteria and wash out the virus. So according to my understanding, crying could helps.
  • Falcon


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. As a matter of fact, pink eyes is not a good sign of health because it is an infection and could be quite serious if not properly taken care of. By crying, you may discharge some toxic things in your eyes but it does not cure your pink eyes, although it may relieve the uncomfortable feelings. After all, tears are not medicine.
  • Isabelle


    Sometimes, crying can help us eliminate the bacterium in our eyes. However, if you got pink eyes, crying now and then won't do good to your eyes. On the contrary, it will aggravate your disease. As we all known, the pink eye is the infectious conjunctivitis. When we are crying, some bacteria of our hands could be transferred into eyes, which can result into some other eye problems.