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Why do my eyes burn when i have a cold?

My eyes feel burn during the time that i have a cold. Is this common symptom of cold? Or i got some eye problems?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    I have had the same problem with you when I was a little girl(I even cried a lot without any conscious).If you have a cold with eye pain, you may have a fever. Because the nerve of your eyes burned(if I describe it well)is a kind of expression of fever and your nerve there is sensitive to feel it.I hope that you can pay much attention to it for that I am a high myopia patient. I used to have a serious fever and after that my sight began to worsen. I mean that pain will do hurt your eyes. But it can be relieved. I started my kongfu class and with the exercising there, I did not feel that pain so much when I get cold and the degree of my sight is stable now. So I guess that the problem may caused by weak immune system.Therefore,my advice is to join some exercises and healthy life style may help.
  • cahekm_12b


    Many people have eye problems when they suffer from a cold. This symptom could be treated as "cold in the eye", or conjunctivitis in medical field. Don't worry about the present condition. Viral conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by the same viruses that cause the common cold and so they most frequently follow having had a cold or a viral gastrointestinal illness, it should go away when your cold clears up. During the coure, you should not rub your eyes with your fingers. And then, lessen to use eye drops which contains much chemicals. Keep enough sleep for your rest to help your cold. By the way, you'd better take out your contacts during the cold days if you wear usually. A few days later, you will feel good for your eyes as long as you take these suggestions. You could see a doctor if you are afraid of getting other eye problems. Good luck for you.
  • Mort


    So, as a matter of fact, it would be quite common for a person to have burning eyes as long as he gets a cold or something like running a fever. Anyway, that is one of the basis symptoms we might suffer from it, which requires some care and treatment as soon as possible.Try to take more rest and have a better diet, and quit some bad habits temporarily such as smoking.