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Do identical twins have the same color eyes?

Usually, identical twins have the same look. But now i just wonder if they have the same eye color. Any idea?
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  • Justin fergus


    Identical twins share the same DNA, and they have almost identical brain wave patterns. They also can share very similar physical characteristics. Generally speaking, they also have the same eye color. Even if they are identical twins, each twin has his or her own separate personality, and many physical differences. Because after the two was born,the difference between developmental and genetic characteristics will work on genes in the DNA.
  • crusanov


    So it seems that you are very interested in this question. And from what I know, it is true that according to most cases, identical twins have the same colored eyes, this is primarily resulted from their parents gene types. However, some extraordinarily rare cases would happen, and the color of the eyes for the twins would be different. For further information, you could get some books from the library.
  • Angela


    Usually the identical twins will have the same eye color. As we know, the color of the eye is determined by the genetic gene. That is to say, it is determined by your father or mother. The possibility of getting the same eye color for the identical twins is high. However there exists the difference at the small degree.

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