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What are good home remedies for squint eyes?

Is there any good home remedies that can help people with squint eyes? Can you give some suggestions?
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  • Joseph bell


    Squinting has a few different causes, including bright light, headaches and poor eyesight. Squinting too much can lead to headaches, pain in and around the eyes and wrinkles, so it is important to keep squinting at a minimum. A few home remedies can help keep squinting at bay. First of all, you should keep the good mood which will make you keep healthy. You should not have the worry too much in life which will increase your squinting eyes. Secondly, you should eat more food with vitamin A and C to make the eyes keep in health. Then, you could do the eyes healthy exercises which will make you reduce the eye wrinkles.
  • handy82


    Well, in my opinion, maybe you can just have some eye exercises which can be effective for your squinting, if you keep it for a long time. Also, you can just use some warm teabags under your eyes. And then apply hot compresses on your eyes. By the way, some good, sun scream can do a good job to it. Besides, squinting can be annoying and lead to many other eye diseases, such as dry eyes, dark circles and eye bags under your eyes. So just pay more attention to it.
  • evelyn12


    Squint eyes usually are neglected because the patient still can see although not as good as other do. Yet it is very import to take proper treatment when you find it. To achieve a complete treatment, children should be 6-8 years old. Above this age, it is hardly to achieve this. There are many ways to give treatment to squint eyes. Parents and teachers in school are very important. They should help children with squint eyes to conquer this malady. See a doctor should be your first priority. Usually doctor will give children a pair of special glasses to correct the refractive errors. Doing orthopetic exercises to help build up binocular ability. Some will take a surgery. One of my friends took this kind of surgery when he was a little kid, now I can't tell he once had squint eye. Wish you good luck.