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Eugenia W.


Can you get pink eye from sharing eye drops?

If i share eye drops with my friend, is it possible for me to get pink eyes? Why or why not?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Well, in my opinion, it is possible for you to have pink eyes, when you share eye drops with someone else. As we know that pink eye is a bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus bacteria. And if you share eye drops with others, it will increase the risk of getting pink eyes from him, for it is very contagious. So it can be very dangerous if you are with someone who has this disease. And also you should wash your hands frequently if you have it. Just make sure you are away from the allergy. Or it can make your eyes infected too.
  • Austin gerard


    It is very possible to get pink eye for sharing eye drops. There are totally three types of pink eye, which can also called conjunctivitis, bacteria, virus and allergy. Sharing eye drops with a conjunctivitis patient might let the secretion of the pink eye into healthy eyes, which will lead to infectious eyes. Try not to come into direct contact with conjunctivitis patient. If the pink eye is caused by viruses, it would be very infective, and even one looking at the eyes might make you get pink eyes (when I was little, I always heard this kind of sayings). Don't use your hand to rub your eyes. Pay attention to eye sanity. Eye drop can only be used by one person. Never share it with anyone else to avoid any infection.
  • Arianna walker


    Yes, it is possible to get the pink eyes because of sharing the eye drops with your friend. The pink eyes are contagious. You should better not share the personal things with others. If others get the pink eyes, you will at high possibility get the pink eyes too after you share the thing with him or her. Once you get the pink eyes, you'd better treat the eyes through the medical care.

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