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Ryan evelyn


How to get asian eyes without surgery?

I'm half Chinese but i don't look like it at all. And i think Asian eyes are so beautiful. I'm only 17. Is there any way that can make me look with Asian eyes without surgery? Any idea?
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  • huang


    can we get asian eyes without make up
  • Noah


    Yeah, I totally agree with you that the Asian eyes are much more beautiful than other kinds. As a matter of the fact, many girls want to make their own eyes like Asian eyes. However, we all know that surgery will do much harm for us and our eyes, so many do not want to have a try with the surgery. Of course, except the surgery, there must be some other ways to realize your dream. For example, you can make your eyes look Asian by using makeup or doing some skills with other parts of your head. As to the makeup, I think it will be piece of cake for the girls, because all of them can makeup well. Meanwhile, you can put the small strips of transparent tape on the sides of your eyes. Here I want to talk something about some skills with other parts of your head, for instance, brush your hair back as tightly as you can and secure it with a sturdy ponytail holder or rubber band, which will make the skin around your hairline and near your eyes to get pulled back. Hope you can realize your dream.
  • Shelby rodney


    The color of the eyes is usually the genetic endowment. Except through the surgery that can change your color to make them look more Asian, you could go to wear the colored contact lenses which may also work naturally. You can choose the black contact lenses which will make you just like an Asian person.
  • Kelly Dalton


    Gene decides the color of your eyes. But the color is not constantly. Some people's eyes color can be lighter as they get old as the same as Asian eyes. Most Asian eyes color is black or dark brown. You can wear colored contact lens to change your eyes color. There are somethings you must pay attention to as a first wearer: 1. Wash your hands thoroughly; 2. Confirm the lens is not inside out; 3. There might be a less comfortable period at first. When your eyes get fitted, you will feel nothing; 4. Do not wear while sleeping.