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Austin gerard


Why do some people wear sunglasses all the time?

I see some people always wear sunglasses. Why? Will it protect their eyes or just for looking cool?
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  • leigh sehr


    In my opinion, it is bad to wear sunglasses all the time. In this way, it will just make your eyes be accustomed to the dark light. So when you take off your sunglasses, you will feel uncomfortable and your eyes will be hurt by the bright light. In serious situation, it will lead to many eye diseases. But there are actually many people who wear sunglasses all the time. They just want make themselves look cool and beautiful. It has become a trend. But I suggest you should not do it, for sake of your eyes' health. Just wear them when you go outside where there is bright sunshine.
  • walker8016


    It is real that sunglasses can protect our eyes in some circumstances and different color tinted lenses are suitable for wearing in different circumstances. For example, we can wear blue tinted sunglasses when we are on the seaside because blue tinted lenses can filtrate much light blue color and brown sunglasses are fit for drivers in that they can stop reflected light reflected by smooth surfaces. However, there is no need to wear sunglasses all the day. People who always wear a pair of sunglasses are maybe just for looking cool.
  • Melanie gerard


    As we know, the sunglasses will be worn under the strong sunlight to protect our eyes from the uv or other damaging lights. However, more and more people tend to use the sunglasses as the accessory to increase the beauty. Some people always wear sunglasses, whatever indoors or outdoors. It is not good for the eyes.
  • nuclearhythmics


    sunglasses can be used to hide tired or red eyes