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Is it true that disposable contact lenses are bad for the environment?

I thought disposable contact lenses are good and it is very convenient to wear. But some people said that the contact lenses are bad for the environment. Is that true?
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  • walkingthepaths


    Although the disposable contact lenses are convenient to wear and it is very safe and effective, the disposable contact lenses will cause the environmental problems. Just like the disposable chopsticks, the disposable contact lenses will also find the way to dissolve them and bury them. Thus, it will cause the great burden to the environment. And we should think the good idea to deal with them.
  • Connor nelson


    Well, yes of course, disposable contact lenses are extremely convenient for us in our daily life, because we do not have to refill the eye solution case and clean the contact lenses on a regular basis, thus we could save a lot of time, and it is healthier and cleaner. However, it is true that disposable lenses could do damage to the environment. So, as a civilized man, we should be responsible for our behavior and make joint efforts to make a greener planet.
  • Zoe may


    Yes, it is bad for the enviroment. Though disposable contact lenses are safe for our eyes, it would develop many white rubbish. Because you may throw many more of them and their packages away than the other contact lenses. Although contact lenses are a pair of small slices, throwing many of them away can constitute more waste.

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