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Can glaucoma cause blindness?

I was diagnosed glaucoma yesterday. It is really a nightmare for me. Can glaucoma be cured? Or can glaucoma cause blindness?
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  • John eddy


    First of all, please relax. Even though glaucoma is a pernicious disease, but we still have effective treatment for that. The disease occurs when pressure in human eye rises to an abnormal level and causes damage to each part of eye. It is possible that glaucoma results in blindness if there is no treatment. In fact, glaucoma is the second biggest reason of blindness. But, do not be anxious. As you are diagnosed, you may receive treatment in time to prevent bad consequence. Listen to your doctor. He or she will have plenty of suggestions for you daily life and medical treatment. Those may help you a lot. On the other hand, anxiousness is also harmful to your eye health. From now on, you shall live healthier and eat healthier. Keep a delighted mood and do not worry about your glaucoma too much. Focus on cure upon the guidance of your doctor. Hopefully, you will be fine soon.
  • Kevin


    Do not be too worried. Glaucoma is one of the commonest diseases which cause blindness. It is characterized by the rising eye pressure, shrinking optic nerves and visual field coloboma. Many people mistakenly think that once they suffer glaucoma, they will be blind. In fact, glaucoma usually manifests itself by one eye. Agitation, psychic trauma, undue fatigue, sudden change of climate, eating too much, or staying too long time in the dim places is an inducement to arouse the rising eye pressure and acute glaucoma attack. The main treatment is to conduct laser surgery after lowering down the eye pressure with medicines. You should learn to manage it rather than be frightened by it and be informed that you need to go to the hospital to do some examinations frequently for better treatment.