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Faith cook


Is yeast good for eyes?

I heard somebody talk about yest and eyes. Are yest good for eyes? Any idea?
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  • Maryam


    My Mum eyes is itching and she’s complaining she’s seeing dust what will she take she’s applying visine
  • Glory


    How many yeast can be taken by and adult
  • Brian Clem


    Yes, it is useful for keeping eye health. Yeast is a valuable nutritional supplement because it contains high levels of protein and vitamins. These nutrients are essential for eye health. First and foremost, it contains 18 amino acids, making it a complete protein, as well as 15 different minerals. As we all known, protein is the most important ingredient of cells, thus yeast can provide nutrition to eyes. And it has chromium, which can avoid fluctuating blood sugar levels or tendency towards low blood pressure. Therefore, it also can prevent some serious eye disorders.
  • Glory


    How many yeast can be taken by and adult
  • walkingwolf2004


    Yes, the yest is good for the eyes. Although many people may say that eating much yest may cause the cholesterol which will not be good for the eyes, it owns the high nutrition that are good for both the body and the eyes. In addition to the rich nutrition and healthy lecithin outside, the yest still contain unexpected health composition of lutein and corn flavin which have strong antioxidation. It especially has the role of eye protection. As we know, the eye imaging part is the retina. And the retinal has a yellow spot which need to come from the lutein and corn flavin. These two types of material help eyes filtering harmful ultraviolet ray, delay the aging eyes, prevent retinal macular degeneration and cataracts eye diseases. Thus the yest is so good for the eyes.
  • Bruce Robot


    Yeast is good for eyes indeed. It's not only good for wrinkles and lightening dark circles under your eyes, but also is useful for burning eyes or gritty eyes, even can reduce senstivity to bright lights. When used as a dietary supplement, it is acknowledged to provide the body with various necessary vitamins and minerals. So nowadays more and more people are fond of yeast.
  • Hajara


    Same as u all said!

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