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chris R


At what age does myopia progression stop?

I heard that the prescription of myopia will stop increasing when we get old. So, at what age does myopia progression stop?
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  • walker8016


    It is said that the myopia progression will not stop if the short sighted problem is caused by the after period development with the bad habit of using eyes. However, when you get old like 45 years old, the eyes may get the presbyopia. It is the balance of these two kinds of eyes problems that makes the symptom of myopia not serious. If you still keep on the bad habits of using eyes, the myopia progression will not stop.
  • Jada


    Well, generally speaking, myopia prescription can stop after reaching maturity by age 20. And according to some experts, if you have been wearing glasses for several years, you probably have a case of axial-length myopia. And the lens is significant to prevent further myopic development as well as to reduce some part of your myopia over a period of time. And you also need know that the eye at this young age is still developing. The layers of eyeball coating are relatively fragile compared with adult eye. And wearing glasses for a long time, it can cause rapid vision deterioration that is then followed by eyeball elongation. And when you get 20, it can be stable.
  • Kimberly


    Well, it seems that you quite concerned about your vision and eye health. So, yes it is true that when we are at a young age, we will have an decreasing vision and it will cause a lot of trouble to us. However, with age, and the stable condition of our body, our myopic will cease to go worse when we enter menopause, but at that point, other problems would simply arise. Anyway, take care of your eyes thoroughout your lifespan.

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