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What are cosmetic contact lenses? Are they good?

I hear so many people say that cosmetic contact lenses can enhance their look. But what are cosmetic contact lenses? What should i know before i buy it? Are they good, or not?
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  • Geoff


    Cosmetic contact lenses are the very contact lenses used to make wearers' eyes look bigger and change the color or appearance of the eye. They can be prescription or non prescription. At present, an increasing number of people start wearing cosmetic contact lenses for a better look rather than correct your vision. As long as you get an eye exam to make sure if you can wear cosmetic contact lenses and then buy qualified cosmetic contact lenses, it is ok to wear them. in my opinion, although it is ok to wear cosmetic contact lenses, I do not recommend you to wear them. Nowadays, as eyeglasses have become new fashion accessory, you can wear some really fashionable glasses that can flatter your look. In addition, wearing contact lenses may bring eye infection to you.
  • cherrygaru


    Yes, wearing proper cosmetic contact lenses can enhance your look in the most natural way. Even if you have a poor vision, you are expected to get cosmetic contact lenses with prescription for both vision aids and looks. Of course, you shall choose it according to your skin color and hair tone for the best looking and proper look.
  • walkingalone089


    Most of cosmetic contact lens is also known as plano or zero-powered contact lens. It's a kind of non-corrective contact lens that is designed for changing the color and the appearance of the eye. It's normal for the workers who work in the film industry to use such contact lens. Because the plano contact lens allows less oxygen to reach the surface of the eye with disinfection technique. Additionally, it's need to replace more frequently than others thus it's more good for the eyes. As other contact lenses, the cosmetic contact lens can’t be shared with any one else.
  • Zachary


    Cosmetic contact lenses are a series of product from Johnson. As a result of a variety of colors, but also make the eyes bright, cosmetic contact lenses are greatly welcomed around the world. Cosmetic contact lenses change the eyes colorful and bigger. So in the folk all color contact lenses uniformly referred to as cosmetic contact lenses. Compare with the soft contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses are not so health. Please pay an attention to clean them well.