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What are the best Contact Lenses for children?

Today, there are several types of contact lenses available in market. I heard that GP Contact Lenses are best choices for children. Is that true?
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  • colourmevintage


    Yes, GP contact lenses, also known as RGPs lenses, are the best choices for children. Compared regular soft contact lenses, GP contact lenses can help you look better and give your better vision. Besides, the GP contact lenses are more durable than soft lenses. They are also available when children join some sports activity. What's more, GP contact lenses can last much longer than soft lenses. Usually, it can last for several years longer. So, it is much cheaper than wearing soft contact lenses.
  • Judy


    If your kid really wants to wear contact lenses, RGP contact lenses are the best choice definitely. RGP is the abbreviation of rigid gas permeable. So, we can infer that this kind of contacts' permeability is very good. We know that both your eyes need to breath. If the contacts kept in the eyes in a long time without good permeability, our eyes may suffer from some eye diseases. So, RGP contact lenses are the best choice in all contacts. But you still need to pay attention to another factor that is teenagers are not developed yet, and wearing contacts could not benefit their development. So, I think you can select your kid a pair of framed glasses.
  • Thomas oliver


    The person who is under the age of 18 should not wear the contact lenses because their eyeballs are immature. And they can not clean the contact lenses well and insert and take off well so that they would hurt their eyes. If they have to wear them, please choose the one of parabolic type or days of parabolic type. The shorter they wear the contact lenses, the healthier their eyes are.

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