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Is it true blu cantrell wear contacts?

I heard that blu cantrell wear contact lenses. Is it true? What kind of contact lenses they wear?
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  • cutechaldochick


    Well, as you can see, blu cantrell is an American singer who is renowned for her excellent music and talents. So, since she has got a mixed blood with black people, she originally has got a pair of black eyes. However, we usually see that she appear to have blue eyes. So, it is true that she wears colored contact lenses. To be honest, her colored contacts are simply what you used to wear, nothing special, you can find lots of them at Walmart vision center.
  • Trinity rose


    Yes, it is true that blu cantrell wears the contact lenses. It is the blue contact lenses that blu cantrell wears. The blue contact lenses are so attractive that many women like to wear. At the same time, this color of contact lenses can be suitable to match with all color of clothing. If you want to buy the blue contact lenses, you could go to the online store to have a buy.
  • enycelilbabii


    Yes she does wear contact lenses when she has to, not because of near-sightedness, but makeup needs. She was born with light brown eyes, and I find she is so charming. However, she has to change the color of her eyes to fit the topic of her album or other advertisements activity. I saw her once on a magazine with a pair of pink eyes, glamors right?