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Why are my lenses so thick on my glasses?

I have a prescription that has gone up recently to around -6.00 in each eye. I've had glasses before from my old opticians, before I moved, but they were no where near as thick as my new ones from Asda opticians. I'm sure my lenses should not be as thick as they are. I can see clearly through them but they are so thick. I even paid to have them thinned down.
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  • Kyle owen


    It’s totally based on your prescription, I would say that you need at least a 1.67 index lens. Also, if you are wearing high index lenses make sure you invest in a decent quality lens. Something from either Nikon or Hoya. The Japanese know how to make excellent high index lenses.i hope they will help you.
  • cheergirl024


    As a matter of fact, if you want a really good quality lens we can offer you the Nikon DAS (Double Aspheric) 1.67 or 1.74 for under half the cost of what most opticians charge. These lenses will give you crisp, clear vision throughout the lens, with hardly any aberrations. So don’t hesitate to buy a new ones.
  • Rebecca


    Regarding to your prescription, it is highly recommend you to choose higher index lenses. With the same prescription, the higher index lenses will be thinner than lower index lenses. However, the price of high index lenses rises exponentially as the high index rating goes up.
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  • jampotviewer


    A bit late, but the type of frame you picked can also make your lenses seem thicker. Large glasses tend to have really thick edges, because the bend needs to cotinue.