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Can varifocals cause dizziness?

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  • handsome____boy


    To tell the turth, Varifocals can make you a little dizzy or disorientated at first but once you are used to them there should be no problem with them causing this type of symptom. I think you will be fine to just keep wearing them and staying with varifocals.
  • christian


    I've been wearing varifcocals for a few month. They do not make me dizzy. Take them back and they give me a good quality pair of lenses. I feel very satisfied, They don't have to cost too much as well.
  • Rebecca


    Yes. Actually, varifocals DO take a while to get used to, and depending on what level of varifocal lens you chose when you got your glasses that might also have an effect. When your optician fit new glasses, they will measure your PD, or pupil distance so the center of the lens is positioned correctly in the frame to give you the best vision and avoid that dizziness. With varifocals and bifocals it is even more important to make sure this measurement is correct. If it is even slightly out this could cause, or at least exacerbate any other symptoms of vertigo that you experience, although these should stop when you take the glasses off if this is the cause.
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