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Are Varilux lenses better?

are varilux lenses really better and worth the extra money, say compared to an ordinary lens you can buy at somewhere like Specsavers or Optical Express?
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  • Jonah


    Of course yes. The technology that goes into designing and manufacturing these lenses is mind-blowing. Why do you think some camera lenses are so expensive? Accuracy and clever design is all important when it comes to creating a varifocal lens that really works well. You will always hear horror stories on the internet from people who thought they would buy cheap lenses as their first pair of varifocals, only to find that they gave up on them after a few days wear. Essilor, the makers of Varilux invest millions of pounds into their varifocal technology, which is why they are still so highly regarded by many in the industry. Take a varilux S series lens and compare to something you might buy from Tesco, Specsavers or any other budget high street opticians. You would notice the difference immediately. The cheap lens will cause you to constantly position your head to bring everything into focus, whilst the varilux lens will offer clear vision almost to the edge.
  • enigma_g


    Yes. Beacause Varilux has conducted extensive clinical research, the result of which has produced a lens offering all presbyopes naturally comfortable vision never before achieved with a ordinary lens. With over 100 million pairs sold, the unique triple-patented varilux lens is the brand most prescribed by eye care professionals and trusted by millions of satisfied wearers.