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What about tints for computer lenses?

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  • Noah rupert


    Personally, I think it might be a good idea to have a mild tint added to your lenses of computer glasses if you work in a brightly lit office. The anti-glare filter won't solve all your computer vision problems and mild tinted lenses will reduce the amount of light entering your eyes to more comfortable levels and may help reduce eye strain.But be aware that tints alone don't address the underlying cause of computer eye strain, which is focusing fatigue.
  • Rebecca


    As we all know that prolonged use of computer will result in computer vision syndrome. Although CVS is not dangerous,we still need to take protective precaution while using computer. Adding tints on computer lenses is highly recommended. Anti-glare coating will make a reduction in the eyestrain. Moreover,it will help dull the brightness of your screen.
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