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Is peripheral vision better in the dark

I heard that people will have better vision in the dark than other bright place. Is that true?
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    well, yes, according to some experts, your peripheral vision will be better in the dark, so there are many people who have experienced it. And you also need know that peripheral vision is very important. And generally speaking, about 20 percent of your peripheral nerves aid your ability to remain balanced with the peripheral vision. So it is important to have some ways to exercise it. In common, you can try some exercises to relax and improve your peripheral vision. For example, you can concentrate on looking as far out to the side as you can while slowly taking deep breaths. In this way, this peripheral expansion exercise will relax the visual system. anyway, just have a try.
  • classiccarguy89


    People see things clearly by light gathered in the pupil. In the bright place, the pupil becomes smaller than in the dark, so less light enters into the eyes, which is a normal response to protect the eyes. Under such circumstances, things in the dark cannot be seen clearly due to the insufficient light. On the contrary, in the dark, pupil dilates and gathers more light, and so we see things clearly in the bright place. There are two sensory cells in our eyes, one is the rod cell, which are sensitive to light and we depend on them to see things clearly in the dark, and the other one is the cone cell, which function in the bright places.
  • Jen


    Yes, it is true that people will get the better vision in the dark than other bright places. In addition, human's peripheral vision is not as good as that of the animals. Human's peripheral vision will be weak. But human's focused vision will be strong. If you have any problems at peripheral vision, you could go to the hospital to accept the treatment.