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Angelica christian


Does helichrysum oil work for dark circles?

Can i use helichrysum oil to help my dark circles? Does it work?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    Yes, you can use helichrysum oil to reduce dark circle. As we all known, helichrysum oil is obtained from freshly dried flowers of helichrysum plant. This oil is very effective in fading away the dark circles under the eyes. However, you should pay more attention: as the skin around the eye region is very sensitive, you should mix carrier oil before using helichrysum oil.
  • campbell


    It is believed that helichrysum oil is a blessing from heaven to treat many skin conditions, since it has got a lot of properties which incluede anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and so on. So helichrysum oil is useful to help our dark circles because of its property as anti-inflammatory. But, we need to take attention to use a carrier oil to mix it and then apply it to our dark circles since the skin around the eye is thin and sensitive.


    Well, I can see that you care a lot about your eyes and want to remove those dark circle. Anyway, it is true that helichrysum oil could help with your dark circles because it contains a lot of nutrition for the eyes. Some helichrysum eye creams are very effective for dark circles. Also, retin A products are helpful too. Most importantly, you need to revise your lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

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