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How to tell the difference between a stye and pink eye ?

I just want to know if stye is the same as pink eyes? How can i judge it? Any suggestion?
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  • Alexandria


    A stye is totally different from pink eye. They are two different kinds of eye problems. A stye refers to acute infection and inflammation of the secretory glands in eyelids. In most cases, the glands are infected by bacteria and so they are clogged for inflammation. Because of the less production of tear film, patients with a stye would have eye dryness. At the same time, because the secretion built up inside the glands, a bump would formed, red, itching and painful, sometimes with yellow or white point at the top. The bump usually locates at the root of eyelashes. As to pink eye, it is the infection and inflammation of conjunctiva, which is a clear and transparent covering on eyes. With conjunctivitis, people would develop increased sensitivity to light, strong foreign body sensation, watery and red eyes, and swelling eyelids. Both conjunctivitis and a stye have similar symptoms, but there is no bump on eyelids for patients with conjunctivitis. In both cases, warm compress could help.
  • Bug


    Well, they are different from each other, so you need to pay more attention to judge them. For stye, a stye is inflammation of the eyelid, usually inside one of the small glands lining the eyelid. And most of styes are caused by infection from bacteria. To treat it, you should make sure your eyes are far from the bacteria. In some cases, for many people, burning eyes will be the symptom. Anyway, it can be dangerous. On the other hand, pink eye, is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. And for the symptoms, itching, watering eyes, swollen lids and a thick discharge can be possible. For pink eyes, vitamin c intake can be essential.
  • equine_world


    Although the stye and pink eyes have the similar symptom of redness of eyes from the appearance, they are different at several ways. First of all, pink eyes are contagious which will infect to other people through the direct touch or something. While the stye is not. Secondly, their appearance after 3 or 5 days is different. The pink eyes' main symptom is redness of the eyes. And the stye is the points in the eyes which like the needles in the eyes. After 3-5 days, pus point form will be shown outside the stye pus point on the skin surface. The sty pus point is in palpebral conjunctiva. The pus point wears out after inflammation subsided rapidly. However, they may be both infected through the invisible bacterium. The eyelid glands acute suppurative inflammation is often caused by a staph infection, depending on the affected gland tissue and divided into sty department within and outside. The eyelash hair follicle and sebaceous gland inflammation are in the sty for meibomian gland which is with acute suppurative inflammation. You need to protect the eyes carefully.