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Does hypothyroidism cause droopy eyelids?

I suffered from hypothyroidism. Also, i got droopy eyelids in recent days, What causes it? Does hypothyroidism cause droopy eyelids?
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  • Tatiana


    Yes, it is very possible to develop droopy eyelids because of hypothyroidism. What is the so called hypothyroidism? It refers to a condition that thyroid glands cannot produce enough thyroid hormones, which helps human body to maintain warmth and its function. Patients with hypothyroidism would have trouble in keeping warmth, control their mascles and maintain functions of each organ. So it is quite possible to develop droopy eyes because of the weakened muscles controlling ability and nerve stimulation of eyelids. If you could, you should go to hospital as soon as possible to have a proper medication and treatment. Have a light diet and positive mood.
  • Kelly eddy


    Yes, hypothyroidism can cause droopy eyelids. Hypothyroidism is the condition of low thyroid hormone levels. And the level of thyroid hormones in the body influences nervous system control of the eyelid position. When you have hypothyroidism, you have decreased nerve stimulation of the eyelids and it leads to froopy eyelid.
  • Samuel hill


    Your hypothyroidism may cause the droopy eyelids because of the weak immune system. At the same time, your not good rest could also make the droopy eyelid get serious. You should use the oil essentials to adopt on the surface of the eyes to make the eyes skin gets tense. You could also eat more food with vitamin C to make the eyes get moisture and clear.