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Blanca C.


Can sarcoidosis cause eye problems?

I heard that sarcoidosis may lead to some eye problems. Is this true? How can sarcoidosis affect on eyes?
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  • Sara scott


    It is true that sarcoidosis can lead to some eye problems, usually those problems are burning, itching, redness, dry eyes and watery eyes, blurred vision and sensitivity to sunlight are also possible. What's more, sarcoidosis can also affect the skin, nose, muscles, heart, and liver, etc.
  • cha0s_engel


    Yes, it is true that sarcoidosis can impact eyes. Sarcoidosis refers to a disease which causes small masses of tissue clumps, leading to damage or dysfunction of organs impacted. It can happen to many organs of human body,mostly in lung. As to the impact on eyes, about 25-50% of patients with sarcoidosis complained about eye burning, itching, red, dry and watery, and some patients experienced blurry vision and increased sensitivity to light. The most severe eye problem from sarcoidosis is uveitis. It is a serious inflammation of the Uvea or the blood-rich membrane in eyes, which might lead to vision loss finally if left without treatment. It is recommened to have a detailed examination by the ophthalmologist if you are diagnosed to have sarcoidosis.
  • Thomas keith


    Yes, sarcoidosis may lead to some eye problems. It is really true. Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory cells formed island disease which is caused by the micro cells called granulomas. Granuloma in lung lymph nodes in the eyes and skin are especially common in the liver. Some nodules patients are without any symptoms. Some patients just have weak feeling fatigue and some patients with nonspecific symptoms, such as calorific inappetence night sweats joint pain or muscle pain because of the disease in different people involvement of different parts. So its symptoms are greatly different in patients with non-specific symptoms and see a doctor which is more than 90% of the lung which has a problem starting symptoms which is usually a dry cough and shortness of breath and wheezing chest pain may arise. The sarcoidosis will affect the eyes. You may have these eye symptoms, including redness, sore eyes and light eyes allergy. You need to have the good rest and good diet to protect the eyes.