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Elijah leslie


Can dry eye cause headache?

I have dry eyes. But i also feel headache now and then in those days. Why? Is it caused by dry eyes?
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  • Gail


    Yes, dry eyes can cause headache. Since dry eye can cause physical discomfort, especially make the nerve around your eyes and brain hurt. Also, dry eyes can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and muscle tension, which will cause headache too. What's more, squinting, computer use, reading too long can also sometimes lead to headache.
  • cheesykittycat


    Actually, it is quite possible that your headache is triggered by dry eyes. We know that dry eye is a chronic syndrome with insufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. It will not only irritate ocular and anterior of eyes, but also will cause headache and other eye inflammations. Headaches caused by dry eyes are the most common syndrome for many people, and you may have occasional tension headaches caused by dry eyes that often start in the middle of the day. This kind of headache may be related to muscle tension in head and neck. Besides, not only dry eye but also many other problems such as everyday stress, insufficient sleep, anxiety, depression, bad posture, hunger, and tiredness may also lead to a headache. Now that eye dryness cause your headache, you can alleviate your dryness meanwhile relieve your headache. You can use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to help the dry eyes, or just intake some fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids that has wonder to help dry eye relief. Wish your dry eyes and headache recover soon.
  • Randy C


    Yes, the dry eyes may cause your headache which should cause your attention because of the interlinked eyes nerves. You should use the eyes drops to release the dry eyes and make them get moisture. You could eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. You should not use the eyes too much time in front of the computers or other electric products.