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Does high blood pressure cause watery eyes?

I am nearsighted. And i suffer high blood pressure. I wonder if high blood pressure has side effects on eyes. And in recent day, I often got watery eyes and i don't know why. It is so strange. Can high blood pressure lead to watery eyes?
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  • easilyfixed


    Yes, high blood pressure has side effects on eyes and it can lead to watery eyes. Watery eyes is an overflow of tears onto the face, often without a clear explanation. Besides high blood pressure, blocked tear ducts, some eye irritations can also cause watery eyes. For your high blood pressure, it can be treated by Lisinopril, Atenolol, Amlodipine Besylate, Diovan and Hydrochlorothiazide.
  • Joshua?


    High blood pressure is also called hypertension, which refers to the abonormal high blood pressure. It is a systemic disease, possibly accompanied with dysfunction or organic disease of brain, artery, kidney and heart. It has some impact on eyes. It brings damages to blood vessels and nerves in eyes and it causes fluid built up under retina. The high blood pressure might damage the blood vessels in eyes and hence cause bleeding in eyes, which would give the patients blurry vision or loss of vision. Meanwhile because of the great pressure, the blood vessels might get leaky so the fluid is building up under the retine which causes distorted vision or vision impairment. It might blocked the blood supply to these millions of nerve ends in eyes. With no nourishment from the blood, the nerve cells would be killed. As to watery eyes recently, there are many possible causes, dry eyes, a cold, pink eye or some other possiblities. I can't tell that your watery eyes are caused by the high blood pressure. I suggest you to wash your eye with saline water, which can clean possible allergens, bacteria or virus out of your eyes. Meanwhile apply some warm compress everyday and also use a humidifier to help relieve the symptom. If it is still lingering for worsening, I suggest you to visit an eye specialist.
  • Ethan edward


    Yes, your watery eyes may be caused from the high blood pressure. Once you get the high blood pressure, your eyes may be affected to some degree. Your eyes pressure may not be stable. Your eyes may be easily dry which will make you feel not comfortable. Your eyes may sometimes get red which you need to pay attention to. You need to use the warm compress to release the symptom of watery eyes.