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Miranda hall


How important is pupillary distance when ordering glasses?

When i order eyeglasses online, their customer services ask me the pupillary distance. She said it is very important to buy prescription eyeglasses. Can you tell me Why? What's the function of pupillary distance for buying eyeglasses?
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  • Samuel hill


    It is so important to know your pupilary distance when you buy the prescription eyeglasses because it will make the eyeglasses being suitable to you at the size. Or else, you will often slip off the eyeglasses. Only knowing the pupilary distance can the eyeglasses make the right nose pad for you. You will wear comfortable.
  • Dawn C.


    Pupillary Distance, it is the distance between two pupils when two eyes face parallelly. Measuring pupillary distance is in order to make the distance of lenses optical center and the distance between the pupils eyes consistent , making the user comfortable. Otherwise, it may not make proper eyeglasses for your, and users will appear fatigue, dizziness, nausea.
  • Yellow


    An accurate pupil distance or PD measurement is important; it allows the technicians who prepare the lenses for your glasses to align the center of focus of your lens with the center of your pupils to give the best correction of your eyesight.

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