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Does walmart sell kanye west glasses?

Have you seen the eyeglasses that kanye west wears? Can i find such eyeglasses at Walmart?
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  • Eric quick


    Well, it seems that you like kanye west very much. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most renowned rap singers in the United States of America. So, according to some of his concerts, we can see that sometimes he would like to wear pinhole glasses, aviator glasses, as well as large black glasses. Anyway, you could easily find all of them at Walmart vision center.
  • Kelly


    The glasses made famous by Kanye, are called Shutter Shades. Ray-ban wayfarers also are Kanye West favorite one. I found 651 results for "shutter shades sunglasses" in all departments on walmart site. Solar shiled shade polarized sunglasses/wine gray and shiled shade polarized sunglasses/black gray are only in stores, walmart vision center. Mountain shades 20143 assort fillet hydroglare polarized, mountain shades 30008 assort monsoon hydroglare polarized and mountain shades 20144 assort panama hydroglare polarized are all offered online. When it comes to ray-ban, many people must be familar with this brand. And you also can get many styles of ray-ban glasses.

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