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Can drinking a lot of water change your eye color?

I heard that drinking too much water can change the eye color. It sounds ridiculous. So, i am here just asking is that true? Why?
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  • walkintothewall


    Of course no. drinking a lot of water can not change your eye color. Generally speaking, your eye color will be changed with weather and the emotion. For example, when you are in a sunny day, your eye color will turn to light. And if your emotion is low, it can turn to light grey and light blue. But on the other hand, drinking water can not be related to the eye color. So you should not worry about it. And drinking more water can be beneficial to your body.
  • exotic_scents


    It sounds so ridiculous. It is not true. The color of eyes is fixed according to the genetic endowment. If the color of eyes is changed a little, there must be something wrong with the body. You should go to the hospital to have a check. However, drinking too much water will not cause you to change the color of the eyes.
  • Jason warren


    Well, it seems that you want to change the color of your eyes. So, generally speaking, there are simply no natural ways to fulfill this goal because the color of our eyes is decided by our genetic type before we came to this world. And by drinking abundant water could not change it neither. It is of course not true. So, if you insist, I recommend contact lenses to you, it could give you whatever effect you want.
  • Geoff Beckett


    I have never heard of that. there is no way to do that with out contacts there are some places that sell none prescription contacts but idk bout them but right know like everybody said contacts are the only way No other way. get colored contact lenses. That is the only way I know. Sorry, contacts are the only way right now. Try using some Green food color and get back to us on how that goes. Sorry, there is no other way there really is no way to change eye color without using contacts. you could use contacts, they''re not that risky . The only way you can change your eye color is to use non-prescription or prescription contacts. Sorry! the ONLY way is by wearing colored contact