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How long does an eye floater last?

I have eye floaters for several months. How long will they last?
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  • Derek T.


    It is hard to tell how long does an eye floater last. Because some floaters come and go, while others are visible for months or years. But most of floaters will become less noticeable as time goes by. And there are some people think that floaters are almost always nothing to worry about because they are very common and everyone gets them eventually. But if you notice a sudden increases in there number, you may get your eyes checked by doctor.
  • Jean


    Floaters are a common condition that most people will get when they age. Generally speaking, floaters will never go away. But they will become less noticeable over time. Some people may find that their floaters last for months or years. As long as the floaters don't affect your vision, you don't have to care them. But if you find they increase in number all of a sudden, you should go to see a doctor immediately because it may indicate something serious.
  • Trinity


    This disease is related to your age, disease, blood pressure, myopia. If you have physiological floaters, according to the situation of vitreous opacities, some individual cases need 5 days to relieve symptoms; most of people who have this disease need about 15 days or longer. You should keep good habits, have adequate sleep, do not stay up late. Eat more fruits, especially citrus fruits. If you have pathological floaters, you should have a surgery quickly

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