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Can i get lasik surgery if i have a cold?

I am scheduled to get lasik this weekend but unfortunately I got a cold these days. Will they still Operate if I have a Cold?
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    If you have a mild cold and not running a fever, you can go ahead with the lasik surgery. But if you get heaved cold or running high fever, you'd better not take the surgery at this time. Trying to appoint your surgeon another day that you are in good condition. Anyway, you'd better consult your surgeon who know better than people online that with little knowledge about lasik surgery.
  • Jonathan


    Generally speaking, you can have lasik surgery as long as you don't have a fever. However, the surgeon may ask you to have lasik surgery until you get recovery because your will get inflammation of cornea after you catch a cold. While laik surgery need to do operation on the cornea. If people who have a cold want to have lasik surgery, they should go to see a doctor to have the cold cured and then they can have lasik surgery.
  • Christopher dale


    Slight cold does not have any effect on lasik surgery; you can take some medicine to recovery. But if you have a cough or a fever, you can not have this surgery, because the cough will affect the process and the effect of the surgery. If you have a fever, you need for timely treatment. After your fever is gone and you do not cough, you can have lasik surgery.