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How to make a warm compress for eye stye?

I heard that warm compress can help people with stye in eyes. So, can you tell me how to make a warm compress for the eye stye? Any suggestions?
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  • Andri


    Well, I am so sorry to hear that you have got stye. Because as you can see, stye is one of the serious infections in relation to our eyes. And generally speaking, simply apply war compress to the eyes could do nothing. So, I suggest that you try to get some timely and effective treatment before long and then apply a warm compress by soaking a piece of towel in hot water and put it onto your eyes. Just see a doctor.
  • walkercounty


    Warm compresses can temporarily relieve discomfort caused by some eye problems. First, you should wash your hands with soap and water. Then, submerge a washcloth in the warm water to moisten it. Next, you press it gently against your eyes with the washcloth. Immersing the washcloth in the warm water every few 10 seconds to keep it warm.
  • candylndsuicide


    It is so easy to do the warm compress for the eye stye. You could put the clean cloth to soap in the hot water. Then you wring it and put it on your eyes for about several minutes. Then your eyes will feel comfortable. In addition, the eyes will get quick blood circulation which is good for the eyes.