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Erin jackson


Do h&m sunglasses have uv protection ?

Is there anyone who has bought h&m sunglasses? Are they comfortable to wear? Do h&m sunglasses have uv protection ?
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  • Kevin lee


    Well, yes, H&M sunglasses are UV protected, so they can protect your eyes from the UV rays and the strong sunlight. That is also why so many people wearing them when going out. And you also can find general information, production details and the H&M Code of Conduct online. Also, you can just link to the website at In this place, there are many different types of H&M sunglasses. And just pick ones you like.
  • duncan


    Well, you should know that h and m is a brand which was founded in Sweden in 1947. As a matter of fact, they are currently making a wide range of products , including sunglasses for both genders. Yes, of course, most of their sunglasses are very comfortable, as long as you choose the right type for yourself. Of course, sunglasses of H&M have got UV protection, which could be helpful for your eyes.
  • Jada shelley


    Yes, the h&m sunglasses have the uv protection for your eyes. As the popular brand for the clothes, the h&m also sells the popular accessories, like the sunglasses and other things. The sunglasses are cool at the design and good at the quality. They are comfortable to wear. If you choose to buy one, you could take this into consideration.

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